Advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor wedding

Every wedding has its own difficulties or responsibilities, but an outdoor wedding responsibilities are higher than expected. You have to think of everything going well. There may be a lot of an outdoor wedding advantages and disadvantages.

Of course that a wedding in a open location may be more relaxing for all the guests, romantic, beautiful, but you have to think the other part of the medal what if it rains unexpectedly? Outdoor weddings do have lots of issues that you have to think about.

Advantages of an outdoor wedding:

  • An outdoor garden wedding may be very beautiful and cheaper
  • You may choose between so many places, garden, beach, mountain
  • Great photo scenery
  • Relaxing for you and the guests
  • Most romantic wedding
  • Very unique

But as we explained the advantages, for disadvantages there is a higher list:

  • You have to be sure of the numbers of chairs you are going to put for the guests. (Make sure to have some more than you have expect)
  • Image you have to think about details
  • Dance floor, especially for ladies it is necessary because of the heels
  • It may rain unexpectedly
  • The music (of course you don’t want the police to appear)
  • If it rains, the music or the Dj might be under a tend because of the sound system.
  • Parking is another problem
  • If an outdoor wedding will be on the night, the light limitation cn be also a problem
  • Another problem may be the insects. Of course you don’t want your guests to take allergies or infections because of some insects.

Of course there are very different ways of making a wedding that you like, there are some traditional weddings, classic etc but the outdoor wedding may be always a good choice because you may enjoy much and spend less.

In the list that we made above we tried to summarize the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding, of course there are so much more better or bad thing for that but when a couple decides to get married also decides what is better and most important for them. Hope that we have helped, if yes take the time and follow the above tips when choosing the venue.