Choosing the best music for a perfect wedding

wedding music

When planning a wedding you should be careful for everything. One of the most important things you should think about is the music, it may look something simple but it’s like the most important thing.

Thinking about what kind of music you are going to use on your wedding, it depends on your taste and also depends on the type of guests you have invited. The guests needs are important because they are the people with whom you want to share your happiness and you have to think about them.

The music choice it also depends on what kind of wedding you are going to organize classic, romantic, chic, luxury, traditional etc.

Thinking about the music on an outdoor wedding it may have some other difficulties, you have to be sure for the place where music is going to be, because nature unexpectedly may pure some rain and cause damages to music and every plan will drop in water. Also the place of music must be covered with a small tend and located opposite the tables of guests so they don’t have to turn their backs to enjoy the music. Another thing is the dancing floor, the orchestra wires might be set very well on the back and in a place that wont be a problem for them which are going to dance.

The music on a wedding has to fit with the ambient where the wedding is going to be and the type of wedding for example if your decoration of tables and every detail is made for a classic wedding, putting on traditional music wont o very well, but for them who want both classical and traditional you have to think for something between those two.

Some couples when thinking for the wedding music they worry so much because they think if the guests will like or not the songs but at some point that is you wedding you should choose what you like most but adapted somehow for the guests.

If you are a lover of not just one genre of music you can plan a playlist of mixed tunes and satisfy everyone.

In some kind of weddings the music is so well organized there are played different songs on the part of reception, first dance, mother-son dance, when the guests leave etc.

Some of the most played songs on a wedding are:

First dance:

  • Thank God I found you
  • We are men and wife
  • Bless the broken road
  • Carried Away

Father-Daughter Dance:

  • I loved her first
  • Butterfly Kisses
  • My Girl
  • Last date

Mother-Son Dance:

  • Angels (Randy Travis)
  • Oh mother (Joe Wodareck)
  • My wish
  • A song for Mama

Last dance music:

  • Wonderful Tonight
  • Rock with you
  • Come fly with me
  • Remember when
Also between this time you can put some traditional songs it depends of what tradition your country has. If you have any other suggestion, please send it on comment.