Details for a great Outdoor Wedding

A wedding in an outdoor area can be fantastic, but the planning process may be very stressful. There are so many things that you have to think before, and not to get surprised after. Even that you have planned all you might be prepared for everything.

Below we are going to show some of the tips you should think before:

  • Make sure that the land isn’t soft
  • Talk with the photograph about where the sun might be because of course that you don’t want all your photos to be shadowed
  • Make sure that you have something classy with you in case it might be cold, a jacket or a scarf
  • Make sure to use windproof decor if you don’t want everything to fly in case of a wind
  • If you can not organize it yourself you better take an wedding expert
  • Make sure to have toilets

These are some of the details that you should think based on the location. We are also going to show some other small details that are going to have a big meaning and to give your wedding a special view. Below there are some of the wedding details:

  • A good Welcome
    For every guest that is going to come this may be a detail that they will find adorable. For example if the parking is a bit away from the location where wedding is going to be, you can set a “note” carved in a beautiful piece of wood “Wedding of Jack and Fiona”, and a bit further might be some arrows that will show the road or if it’s made in a night time the might be some small beacons hanging in trees or placed on the ground
  • Flowers and fruits
    If your outdoor wedding will be made in a summertime it’s sure that the flowers and fruits you can find everywhere. In every tables center put some colorful flowers and some fruit decorations, or in some champagne cups put some cherries, the guests will find it very cute.
  • Decor
    Put in every table something small but that will take attention, for example the hand wipes in a heart shape, or link the chairs with a ribbon.
  • Lightening
    Outdoor wedding ideas are very sweet and romantic, for example one of them may be lightening of the area. If your making your wedding in a nighttime except the light, it’s going to be very sweet if you add to every table some little candles.
  • Wreath
    Last but not less important, is the wreath. In the space where the bride and fiancé have to pass through it will be very beautiful if they have to go through a beautiful wreath or a ground covered with petals.

Those were some other small details that might do your wedding to be remembered and never forgotten. Hope that you liked it and found it helpful.

outdoor wedding details

Details for a Great Outdoor Wedding