Inspirational ideas for wedding cakes

Are you planning a unique wedding? You have thought everything, the venue, the details, decorations and all these things but you can’t decide about the cake, here we are going to show some outdoor wedding cake ideas.

When you decide to make a wedding in a open space, you have to chose everything, every detail to go well with each and another.

On your wedding everything you do is your wedding your choice, it’s your decision if you want to have a huge cake, a big cake with floors or have hundreds of little cupcakes decorated. But however you have to think about the place where cake is going to stay and be protected.

  • Outdoor wedding cake – tastes

It depends on the place you are making the celebration to chose about what cake you want. When you decide about the cake you have to chose first the taste, for example on a summertime the cake has to be with a light taste and not much chocolate because of the heat of the sun it will melt.

  • Outdoor wedding cake – decoration

For a cake design you have to take a very professional cake maker because he has to think for the taste and the design too. Some cakes might have a hard composition and this helps for the design most. But if you are asking for a light taste the design part must be a little difficult that’s why you should believe that work to somebody that knows his work better. You decide only the taste and shape that fits with the composition.

  • Outdoor wedding cakes- standing place and protection

On your wedding you don’t want your cake to melt for an hour or in the time you want to cut it, the cart to get stuck on the grass and to continue the wedding without a cake. So, you have to chose well the place where your cake is going to stay, for example if your making your wedding on you homes garden you can let your cake on the part of the yard that is spread with yard plates or in a precise place.

  • Protection

Also in that part where is going to stay the cake because of the open space it has to be protected from insects or poultry that may be in that side. For protecting the cake you can use something that may give your wedding a very pretty look and also to give you tranquility not to think about the consequences. You can cover your cake with a netting, tied in a tree or somewhere just to give also a beautiful look and also you can tie a ribbon.
About the colors of the ribbon or the netting, it depends on what colors you have used on other things of the wedding.

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