Traditional wedding, ideas

When two people coronate their love in marriage they expect the ceremony to be special. Some time ago in every place the tradition came first and the new version was a taboo. But now, traditional weddings are a choice of the both spouses. If you own a farm may be easier to organize a traditional wedding.

In a traditional wedding you have lots of benefits, for example the view may be fabulous, the bride and the spouse walking into the green area and the bride’s white dress may look great between the high trees.

  • The view

The view is one of the most important things on a outdoor wedding. A bride with her dress and the spouse may look like in a paradise. The trees and green area may be decorated simply and well just to give a traditional atmosphere. Also it may be delightful if the bride comes riding on a white horse. It may be a fantastic fairytale.

  • The decoration

In a farm wedding you can use in and out spaces, for example the common point where is related the in and out space, the biggest door you can decorate with a huge decorated curtain with colorful flowers and you can use everything just to give a countryside view. Also in the tables you can put colorful flowers, and use everything that you can make your wedding look traditional.

In a traditional outdoor wedding also you have to think about the lightening. It is a part of the wedding organization that you can’t ignore. In a countryside or farm its simple to organize the lightening, you can elicit an electric cable and put on it lots of simple colorful lights and put up on the trees. It may look beautiful and give your wedding lots of colors.

  • Wardrobe

For being a traditional wedding that you have always wanted you have to carry about the dresses of accompaniers of the bride. You must tell you friend or cousins it depend who you want to be by your side on that special day, that you want your bride accompaniers to look the same. It would look very beautiful if the girls will have the same dresses and if the spouse wants his friend too they also have to be dressed in the same way. Same dresses and flowers for girls and a same suit and a hat for the boys accompaniers.

  • Prepare your guests

When you write the invitations and tell the address to your wedding participants, make sure to tell them something about the place that wedding is being made. In this case you may write something about the weather, and the ladies to be prepared, because in the night time the weather on the suburb may be a bit cold even if it’s summer and warn them to have something with them like a scarf or a sweater.

While organizing a traditional wedding, you have to choose carefully the music. In those times traditional music is being forgotten but in those kinds of wedding it cannot be missed. It depends of the part of the world you live and on your tradition what was traditional years ago on your parents weddings, depending on the place you live you have to chose the music, or the traditional instruments but not using deejays.

Traditional weddings are about to fade but somebody wants to get back in time. Always traditional weddings have a spirit that you want to enjoy everytime.